Have a Wedding Approaching? – Here is How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Have a Wedding Approaching? – Here is How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Thinking about your perfect wedding while you are young and far away from actually doing it is a lot different than actually doing all the planning and making the preparations. Without a doubt, the wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and also one of the happiest moments in life.

When you start to plan for a wedding, naturally you will start with the bigger things, such as choosing a date, getting the perfect dress, and then finding a venue for the reception and so on. Once you have covered all that you then proceed to the details. Assuming you have found the wedding dress of your dreams, you then need to find the perfect shoes to match with it which is not easy as finding comfortable work shoes.

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Shopping, for most women, is a very exciting and fulfilling experience, and when you shop for shoes for a special occasion such as a wedding, it gets that much better. The hardest part is the beginning, where to start your search from. Thankfully, there are thousands of sources to search for in inspiration. Your wedding shoes must match your dress, your style and character.

  • Can You Pull it off with a Single Pair?

The most probable answer is no. A wedding normally consists of two parts: the wedding ceremony and the reception. The best way to go is to pick a pair of shoes for each part. During a wedding day, chances are you will probably be on your feet 99,9% of the time, which means you have to pick comfortable ones. The ceremony is almost always the shorter part of the event, and this is where you can compromise a little in terms of comfort and emphasize the looks of the shoes. However, during the reception, you simply have to find a more comfortable, yet stylish pair of shoes.

  • Finding the Ideal Shoes

Once you have decided on the number of pairs you are going to get, it’s time to actually find the ones you are looking for. Start by browsing through your favorite wedding magazines to get the initial feel for what you are actually looking for.

When you have an idea of what is it you want, get your computer and start browsing through online stores. There are a lot of different designers, brands and collections to choose from.

  • Trying Before Buying

It is possibly the most important day of your life, so everything must be checked and covered, meaning you absolutely must try the shoes you like before purchasing them. If you are buying from an online store make sure they allow for the merchandise to be returned if they are not the right size and fit. Even though you know you are a size six (for example), that doesn’t guarantee that size of that particular model will fit you the same as other shoes. Ideally, you should shop for your wedding shoes in actual stores.

  • Compromise Between Style and Comfort

Most women are ready to make this compromise, and some even completely disregard comfort and go for style, thinking that they will get through that day no matter what. Nevertheless, getting more than one pair is a very good idea. One that is more comfortable but not as stylish and vice versa. You can always make quick swaps whenever you feel your feet getting too tired.